360 Scenery: We don’t just build sets; we fabricate solutions, we visualize your dreams, and we build with perfection. We can’t help constantly innovating, because it turns out we’re pretty good at it. With Denton Mackenzie’s 18 years of experience and an outstanding staff behind it all, 360 Scenery is more than capable of tackling visionary scenic projects, with the quality and efficiency that even Hollywood can’t resist. Our highly-skilled carpenters, painters, welders, and sculptors custom-build everything from film and tv sets to permanent installations. We build elaborate staging for conventions, events, and galas across the country. With our top-notch project managers and craftsmen, we diligently work to ensure that every detail of every project is up to our standard of perfection. Sure, we can build anything you can think up, but that’s not what sets us apart. Lots of shops bark about making dreams come true, but 360 Scenery has the invaluable skill to see that dreams are only made possible with flawless follow-through. When it comes to bottom lines, our knowledge and experience means we know how to stretch a dollar, never sacrificing an ounce of quality. We strive to exceed the unique expectations of all our clients with speed and resourcefulness, no matter the challenges they present, and no matter the scale.
Radical Scenic Design, Killer Craftsmanship, World-Class Fabrication, and the best clients around.
This is 360 Scenery.
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