Interiors & Exhibit Design

Our exhibit design, production and fabrication services set the scene for trade shows, information centers, museums or anywhere you may wish to be seen — or make a scene. The 360 Scenery team specializes in permanent, temporary and portable design and delivery for clients throughout the United States. Large or small, we infuse quality and great design into every exhibit we build.

Permanent Exhibit Design

For museums, visitor centers, venue lobbies, and more, we provide design, fabrication and installation of permanent exhibits. We take a collaborative approach to the process, learning all there is to know about the subject matter and the goals of the exhibit. Exhibits don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, they are highly interactive, which is why we integrate a variety of elements designed to evoke emotion and encourage engagement.

Temporary and Traveling Exhibit Designs

Temporary and traveling exhibits pose unique challenges. 360 Scenery uses a modular approach to overcome the various adaptability and transportation needs each exhibit requires. Durability is especially critical for traveling exhibits, and we address this challenge through specialized design, engineering and the highest-quality materials available.
And the best part? We manage to incorporate all these benefits within clients’ budgetary guidelines.